• Ultimate Acid 20 Litres

Ultimate acid is a product which is based on a synergetic combination of organic acids such as formic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid and sorbic acid. In addition, Ultimate acid contains trace elements in forms of copper and zinc. The product is suitable for administering via the drinking water and liquid feed of production animals. The effect of organic acids and mineral-chelates.

Several studies have shown that organic acids such as formic acid and propionic acid have a positive influence on growth performance of pigs. In poultry, organic acids have made a great contribution to the profitability  in production by  affecting performance as well. In addition, organic acids have an antibacterial activity which is related to the reduction of pH value. The reduction of the gastrointestinal (GI)pH leads to increased  gastric protein and amino acid digestibility which improves weight gain. The antimicrobial action of organic acids takes place in  both the water and in the GI-tract of the animal. This happens mainlywithin the proximal part of the pigs’ GI-tract (stomach and small intestine) and the foregut of the chicken (crop, gizzard, and proventriculus). Copper and zinc both play an important role in diverse body processes.  The advantage of using minerals in chelated forms is that the binding with chelates ensures a better uptake.

Ultimate acid is successfully used for a good intestinal function during the starter period, before- and after feed changes, after vaccinations, and to support the protein and amino acid digestion within the gastro-intestinal tract.

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Ultimate Acid 20 Litres

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